End of the Summer or is it really ending so soon?

End of the Summer Season of 2013 comes on Monday, the 2nd of September


This week is probably the last heat wave of the summer and next week is really the end of summer already, when the kids go back to school. And that is the official end of summer vacation. How did you enjoy your summer of two months doing all the things you loved to do? Probably full of fun and misdemeanor perhaps, hopefully not.  But as they say, “kids will be kids”, no matter how much you tell them to do good and behave somehow they find a way to just go and do the opposite. And then they learn from their own mistakes with a price of getting grounded. Staying in your room all day is not fun especially in the summertime. All kids want to be out there enjoying their freedom to play and never to see homework for the whole two months of fun and frolicking outside to playgrounds, the malls, parks and beaches.

Summer for the adult  is one big headache after another. How do you get the kids entertained? Since you can’t take off work all summer, you try and send them to summer camps. That’s good for two weeks, then they are back! You try to teach them how to play games indoor and mostly outdoors. They learn how to play volleyball, baseball and tennis. But summer weather wasn’t easy on all of us, it rained mostly this summer so the kids stayed  indoors and at the shopping malls. Yes, I’ve ran out of ideas, stories and entertainment of all sorts like games and watching movies and TV shows. I didn’t like playing Go Fish Card games with them so we played other games. I tried to teach them how to play chess tournaments, it was great and they learned how to play it but complained that they had to use too much brain power. I told them too bad because that’s how the game was played well with strategies. So Chess games were out for now. Wait until I get that animated chess game software, I’m sure they would want to play with it even just to have fun watching the animated characters, like the queen and king and bishops, towers and knights moving all around the chess board. More fun than regular chess pieces on the board.

How about I tell them stories about me, so they listened and got interested on what I had to relate to them from when I was a kid up to now. What a long story it was with breaks here and there. Then they tell me to write the story of my life. Why? They want to read it over and over again. Good point, me writing an autobiography. Probably I will write my story someday soon. Sometimes I tell them stories about themselves when they were little and didn’t know any better, like putting vaseline in their hair instead of their nappies. I have pictures to prove it, hahaha. Then there was a time when the twins played their great “switchero” game. Boy, did they ever tricked everyone except me, of course but I decided to play along for the fun of it.  Taking good care of twin kids involves double work and hardships but then you also get double satisfaction helping them grow up and learn about life.

Then when school time arrived, there’s the home works to do. Takes them hours with all the home works teachers assign to them. I helped out especially in the math side. They learn math by letting them play math rescue games while I help them do their 2 hour math homework and show them how to do it. I know how stressful it was to solve math problems when we were kids so I try to help and take the stress out of their home works. They learn the easy way and still learn how to do math problems and solve it the better way. They also learned how to type to do their book reports, how to use word processing at an early age. I had to get a nice computer that they can use in their studies. There’s just one problem babysitting twin kids, you have to get everything in pairs like toys and clothes and what else they need although in the end we do have double the fun, too!

Summer has finally come to an end, so back to school again for the twin kids!

TO City Hall in the Summertime


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