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Hello to the world of bloggers, 2013 marks a new beginning in my bio. It is going to be the start of an awesome adventure between us, the bloggers, the readers and you. I am new to this kind of endeavour but I have always wanted to be a blogger all my life ever since I can remember. Joining the seasoned and experienced bloggers will be a huge task for me to accomplish but I will try my very best. There’s always a first time blogger somewhere and now it is my turn. Let me show you the world through the eyes of another traveler who will blog about her experiences and travel trips.

Oly is the travel blogger, documentarian on, also a writer-poet, photographer and artist whose work constitutes a blog-documentary in many aspects of life, people, places, arts, culture and traditions, even architecture. It’s about trips at home and abroad, also flashbacks of trips on years gone by, reminiscing memorable experiences then back to the future and now, all these in the new blog. You will see, hear and read about the travels, feasting on foods around the globe, meeting people in places that she visits and sharing their traditions and goodwill, who visits countries that others only dream about and who wants to share with you all of her experiences never to be forgotten in this lifetime. From her old hometown to her new home she will marvel you with stories, and show you how small the whole world really is; if you love to travel. Now, let’s start that wonderful journey together.

I am a Filipino-Canadian, born in the Philippines and grew up in Canada, after many decades of working in the corporate vastness, I have happily retired early and plan to travel again and go to countries I have only dreamed about; like Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, Malaysia, Eastern Europe, South Pacific, Mediterranean, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, India, North-South Africa and our Western/Northern territories in Canada.

As citizens of a commonwealth nation, we have pledged our allegiance to the Queen of England, but deep down, I am still a Filipino by heart. Mabuhay!

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